The Dream

We are the creators of Pandea Stones.

Roughly two years ago, we had this dream of creating our own game, without even having any knowledge of how to develop one. We’ve always had a passion for drawing and creating stuff, so this wasn’t the first time we would try to create something from scratch. Our education and work experience, as a graphic designer and web-developer, has given us the push we needed to get started.

One of the biggest things we love, is sci-fi literatures, which has been a part of us since our childhood. So, it wasn’t a question on what the game should be about.

The process behind developing such a huge project alone, would take years to finish, especially when you have other projects going on. Therefore, we made ourself time to find freelancers around the world to work with us. The cooperation took place online, which wasn’t an easy task. All the ideas we had in our mind, we would describe by writing or drawing it down, and send it to the person who would then create it.

In the end, we managed to make it all work out and we could release our first game to the world.

Today we have a new dream. We want to create our own game-developing company and release many more games to the world.

Perhaps create another Pandea Stones game 😉


You are more than welcome to contact us if you have any questions regarding the game, our work or have any business proposal.